Patti King of The Shins to Join Portland Cello Project for Missoula Concert

Vocalist and multi instrumentalist, Patti King of The Shins will perform as the lead vocalist for The Portland Cello Project when they headline the Wilma on Saturday, April 20, 2019.

Patti has been the keyboardist for indie rock giant, The Shins, since 2016 and was last seen in Missoula when they sold out the Wilma in 2017.

Douglas Jenkins, arranger for PCP, has expressed his appreciation for Patti, saying “We’re really lucky to have her every time she can do this with us.”

Below, you can see a couple choice videos of Patti singing with PCP for their renditions of “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” by Radiohead and “Please Leave a Light On” by Beck.

Tickets to The Portland Cello Projects’ concert at the Wilma on Saturday, April 20th are still available. The theme of the concert is Radiohead, Bach and Coltrane. More details here.

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