The Seed: Wrinkles Unleash “Thunderstorm” In Blanket Fort on New Video (Interview)

Montana-made rockers on the rise, WRINKLES, just released their new single “Thunderstorm” with an accompanying music video. Logjam did a quick Q&A with guitarist/vocalist Jon Cardiello to learn a bit more about the fresh tune.

What’s the meaning behind the song?

“Thunderstorm” is a guitar rock anthem for the modern age rocker about discovering a distant music scene via the internet that feels so close but also so far away. I dove into my own experience moving to New York City after discovering a particularly inspiring scene, wanting to fit in, but still feeling the commitments of my life elsewhere sitting in my “pocket.”

Who wrote the song? How long did it take to write?

I wrote this one. It was actually a pretty quick one to come together. Usually I write lyrics and as the last element of a song, but for this one I came up with the vocal lyrics and melody first while driving in my car before putting any instrumentation to the song. From there it all came together pretty quick just playing on acoustic guitar. At some point Sanders came up with the harmonized guitar solo idea and it all fell into place.

Does this song relate to other music on the upcoming LP, Other Days?

Yes.  A lot of the songs on Other Days talk about the ups and downs of daily life as a young adult in the current age of technology. Dealing with social media, having friends living near and far, being constantly reminded of things happening elsewhere, etc.

Where was it recorded? How long did it take?

We recorded this album with Nicholas Wilbur at the Unknown Recording Studio in Anacortes, WA. We posted up there for 7 full days, which was an amazing experience! It was mixed and mastered by Mike Ditrio in Olympia, WA, who is the best!

Is it released through a label?

Yes.  It is being released on Anything Bagel (Missoula) and Bee Sides Cassettes (Albany, NY). Note.. we will have a pre-order for LPs, CDs, and Cassettes of Other Days up soon here.

What’s the story behind the video? Where was it shot?  Who filmed it? 

The video was directed by our good friend Kendall Rock out of Seattle. She rocks!  Kendall came up with the blanket fort idea and we rolled with it! We wanted to capture some youthful energy in the video and also wanted to touch on the idea of creating your own world (even at home in a blanket fort) in order to tap into creativity or inspiration.

The location of the film is kind of pertinent as it was filmed at “The Farm” which was a house up in the Rattlesnake that most of the band has lived in for the past two years.  Its actually where almost all of Other Days was written. It is thus a bittersweet video as everyone had to move out of the house this past week as the owners are selling it!

WRINKLES are gearing up for their biggest year yet, with the new LP coming out in August and a massive album release tour planned as well. They’ll be kicking things off at the Top Hat in Missoula on August 1st with an opening performance for Portland’s indie rock titan Blitzen Trapper. Then they’re headed all across the country from California to New York and even hitting a few dates in Canada.

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