Missoula’s 3DHR Confirms Support Slot for Random Rab at Top Hat

Missoula-based underground DJ 3DHR will perform an opening set for Random Rab at the Top Hat on Friday, July 12, 2019.

Dan HeavyRunner, a.k.a. 3DHR, has a unique sense of style that goes from heavy hitting bass house to an ethereal downtempo sound.

He’s played several festivals around Montana, such as Bear Mouth, Shani Moon n Arts Festival, Mount Olympus, Pirate Party, Disco BloodBath, Socotra and many more.

The Top Hat is a familiar place for Dan, as he’s previously performed on stage as a part of the Mad Hat Series. But more often than not, you can find him working behind the scenes as the Top Hat’s Kitchen Manager, where he’s an integral part of the award winning kitchen.

On Friday, July 12th, you’ll get the chance to experience Dan’s talents through out the evening… just grab a bite to eat before you watch him drop the bass!

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