Hiss Golden Messenger Delivers Video with New Single “I Need a Teacher”

Alternative folk artist, Hiss Golden Messenger just released the new single “I Need a Teacher” along with an accompanying music video. The video features footage from the North Carolina teachers protest that happened earlier this year.

Hiss Golden Messenger also announced their forthcoming album, Terms of Surrender, scheduled to release September 20th on Merge Records. Earlier this year, they released the singles “Watching The Wires” and “Everybody Needs Somebody” which we assume to be part of the upcoming LP, although there’s no confirmation of this.

Band founder M.C. Taylor described the upcoming project as “my therapy and my church,” continuing on, saying:

“I realized that maybe these songs were good for something after all, and it wasn’t my year to die. And I was glad—appreciative, maybe—of the previous year because things on the other side now looked sweeter and brighter and not so dire. And through the songs ran a line—the most important theme of the whole record, I know now—about love, and how nothing of value that I have created would exist without it, and I better goddamn well keep my eye on it. Love is so powerful that people made religion to give a name to it, but if we don’t treat it with a sensitive touch, it disappears like smoke. I had a dream once, many years ago, where I heard a voice say “God is love,” and I felt it with my whole being. This record is a reminder of that dream.”

Hiss Golden Messenger will be playing the new tunes live in Missoula when they bring their album release tour to the Top Hat on October 15, 2019. $1 from every ticket sold is going to the Durham Public Schools Foundation.