The Seed: Wrinkles Drop Music Video for “Some Days” Single Ahead of Album Release

Missoula synth rock up-and-comers WRINKLES have released their third single, “Some Days,” off their forthcoming album Other Days. It’s the last sneak peek of the LP before it comes out on August 14th. Guitarist and vocalist Jon Cardiello answered a few questions for us about the single below.

What’s the meaning behind the song? When were “some days”?

This song is essentially about depression and manicness and feeling a disconnect between the days when you feel on top of the world, and the days when you struggle to get out of bed in the morning. The lyrics of this were written in the wintertime in Missoula during an inversion.. So the chorus speaks to the feeling of being trapped under the clouds (literally and physically)… And knowing that if you could just hike up a small mountain you would be above the clouds in the clear blue sky.

Who wrote the song? How long did it take to write?

This song started from a guitar idea that Sandy had (Sanders Smith).  Actually he had all of the different sections figured out on guitar – and brought the idea to the group to flesh out and experiment with the structure a bit.  We all immediately loved the upbeat driving feel of the song and started to flesh out the structure and specific parts. I later wrote the lyrics to complete the song.

Does this song relate to other music on Other Days? How does it differ?

Yes totally!  A lot of the songs on Other Days talk about the ups and downs of daily life as a young adult in the world today.  This song fits right into that theme for sure! The guitar interplay in this track also fits well with a lot of the other songs on the album that were started from Sandy guitar ideas.  This song however is the only song where Jon pushes his vocals almost out of his range in this way, giving it a unique, frenetic sound compared to the rest of the album.

What made you choose this song to release as your 3rd and final single before the album release?

We tried to pick out three singles that pinned out the full range of sound that the album has to offer.  We also just all like this one and think its a fun, high-energy jam that would be a good fit for a single.  

What’s the story behind the video? Where was it shot?  Who filmed it? 

This video was a blast to make!  It was directed/filmed/edited by the amazing Marshall Granger.  Marshall had the idea to make the video black and white, and came up with the idea to have multiples of a character in the video.. So we went off of some of these ideas and came up with the 2-Jon concept!  We shot the full video in one wintery day in Missoula where Marshall came over and we filmed bearded Jon in the morning, and no beard Jon in the afternoon. There is one shot where its actually Sandy wearing a wig (dressed as Jon) and chasing the real Jon through a big field.  The idea was that one of the characters symbolized the darker, depressed days, whereas the lighter-version Jon represented the days where you are overflowing with energy and inspiration. This video was a blast to make with Marshall! He’s so talented!!!

Any other tidbits you have would be great to share…

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the full release of our sophomore album Other Days on August 14th via Anything BagelThe full pre-order (vinyl, cds, cassettes) can be found here. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our big US/CA tour including our opening slot for Blitzen Trapper at the Top Hat on August 1st!

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