Lucy Dacus Gives Eerie Rendition of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”

Rising indie rocker Lucy Dacus is back at it again. She just released yet another holiday themed cover, this one of Phil Collins’ classic hit, “In The Air Tonight.”

The song was originally done by Collins in 1981 and his since been certified three times Platinum. It’s been sampled by many artists including Nas, DMX, and Meek Mill to name a few, and has been referenced in pup culture countless times.

Now, Lucy has put her own unique style into the new recording, complete with eerie echoes, ominously calm vocals, and a resounding Halloween-esque quality — which is exactly what she was shooting for. In a press release, she called the song “perhaps the best eerie bop of all time, and certainly the best drum fill” and continued to discuss the original, saying:

“The image in the first verse is so unsettling—watching someone watch someone drown without moving to save them. People have wondered if this is something Phil Collins really witnessed, but the song is actually just a manifestation of his anger and frustration about his divorce. It’s tense, dark, and so much fun, as a good Halloween should be. This was the most fun I’ve ever had in a studio.”

Since earlier this year, Lucy has been dropping a series of holiday themed singles that will all be released as an EP later this year.

You can listen to a few of the other covers below, but we’re hoping that we’ll get to see a few performed live when Dacus comes through Montana next week. She’ll be playing at the Rialto in Bozeman on October 16th and at the Top Hat in Missoula on October 17th. Details in the event pages below.