The Tot Hat: Top Hat Will Rename Restaurant to Reflect Famed Potato Side

For years, patrons have expressed their love for the Top Hat’s hand-scooped tater tots. So much so that the Top Hat has decided to change its name to — the Tot Hat.

In addition to renaming the restaurant, the Top Hat will serve one “Golden Tot” to each table upon being seated. The Golden Tot will be served on a miniature fine china plate with several tiny silver forks.

We know this may come as a surprise to many, but the tots have spoken. Don’t get us wrong, all of the Top Hat’s sides are good. The french fries are great and the side Caesar is fantastic. But with that said, the tots are simply in another world. When dipped into the house-made pickled pepper ranch, it’s as if you’re eating a delicious piece of art.

Legend has it that the first tot just appeared in the kitchen one day, and the chefs were tasked to recreate it. After working tirelessly for days on end, they figured it out!

We often hear comments from patrons like, “Wow, I think these tots are straight from the tot Gods” or “I just had an out of body experience after eating that tot.”

Without naming anyone, we’ve even had nationally touring musicians book a show at the Top Hat just so they could taste our tots.

Still reading? Okay good, because although our tots are really good, this is all a big joke. We’re still called the Top Hat. Happy April Fools Day! Hopefully this brought a little chuckle to you. If so, you should share this page with just the caption #TotHat

Much Love,

The Top Hat

P.S. Tots are still available for take out (no joke). Our take-out hours are 4:30pm-9:00pm, Monday – Saturday. Order by callingĀ (406) 728-9865. Full menu here.