Top Hat Take-Out is Fully Compostable

Since the Top Hat switched to take-out only, we’ve had a lot of people asking if our take-out containers are compostable. We’re happy to say they are!

The to-go boxes, soup containers, utensils and napkins are all compostable. This is part of our Going Green Initiative that we’re continuously working on.

It’s important to note that these compostable materials should be disposed of in the correct way. Here at the Top Hat, we work with Sean Doty at Missoula Compost Collection. Each week, MCC comes to the Top Hat to pick up our compost to take it to a commercial composting facility, so it can be properly composted.

The MCC’s commercial composting program has been fantastic for us, so we can only imagine that their residential program is just as good. You can learn more about MCC here.

Long story short, the Top Hat is doing everything it can to contribute to Missoula’s goal of ZeroByFifty and we thank you for supporting our sustainable efforts.