Listen: Stick Figure Free Flow Sessions

Hello friends! Today (June 10, 2020) was supposed to be the day for an epic night of reggae on the Blackfoot River with Stick Figure, but unfortunately it will have to wait. Not to fear though, we are working hard to find a new date as soon as possible. Luckily, to get you through these unprecedented times and to get your reggae fix, Stick Figure has been very active in the studio recording and releasing Free Flow Sessions. Check out the recently released Free Flow Sessions below.

Speaking of unprecedented times, these cancelled shows have created a hardship on Logjam and the venues it owns. To assist Logjam through this challenging time, we have launched the Ticket Exchange Program that both rewards our loyal customers and helps us weather this difficult storm.

Available now, customers who have already purchased a ticket for a Logjam event impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic can now exchange that ticket for a Logjam gift card worth 125% of the base-ticket value in lieu of a refund. Gift cards can be redeemed for future concert tickets, venue merchandise, food and beverage at Logjam Presents owned establishments, including the Top Hat Restaurant & Bar. Refunds are also available for those who aren’t able to support at this time.

So in the spirit of good vibes, we ask you to participate in the Ticket Exchange Program to help weather this storm. Though it seems as if the World is On Fire currently, the Choice Is Yours to make a Once In A Lifetime decision to keep that Fire On The Horizon at bay. Consider the Ticket Exchange Program to help us Shelter this storm so we can return as soon as possible to see all those Smiles On Faces we miss so much!

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