One of a Kind Brasilia Guitar Auction to Support Big Hole River Conservation

The Big Hole Watershed Committee has an amazing opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind Brasilia guitar to support the Big Hole Conservation Fund.

This gorgeous guitar, the only one in the world, is custom made from reclaimed hardwood sourced from old siding and floor boards in Brazil. In the above video, you can see longtime Missoula musician, David Horgan, testing it out.

Proceeds from the guitar auction will benefit the 1% for the River: Big Hole Conservation Fund, through which individuals and local businesses & their clients can directly invest in the health and future of the Big Hole River. Donations are matched 1:1 which help fund important conservation and restoration projects for the watershed.

So not only will the auction winner take home an immaculate instrument, but the proceeds will go even further to support river restoration in SW Montana. The guitar auction runs from Oct. 27th – Nov. 6th. You can learn more and bid on the auction here.

If you aren’t able to make a bid, we ask that you please spread the word and share this page with folks who might be interested. Like the rest of Montana’s great waterways, the Big Hole River is the lifeblood of our environment and economy.

About the Guitar

Michael Reid, long-time wood buyer for Paul Reed Smith Guitars, inspired by a run of guitars manufactured by PRS Guitars from reclaimed Brazilian hardwoods in 2017, conceived of this guitar along with long-time friend, Jack Cowardin, luthier and owner of Restoration Music, in Richmond Virginia. Similar to the PRS Reclaimed Ltd., the Brasilia features a semi-hollow Peroba Rosa [Aspidosperma polyneuron] top, cut from a house siding board sourced in southern Brazil, but differs slightly from the PRS Reclaimed Ltd with the addition of a reclaimed figured Peroba do Campo [Aspidosperma macrocarpon] neck, cut from a hand-sawn farm house floor board, a fretboard and pick-guard cut from a reclaimed house beam of Guaribu Preto [Astronium concinnum] a wood new to American Luthiery, and a Spanish Cedar [Cedrela odorata] and Brauna Preto [Brauna melanoxylon] back.