Top Hat Restaurant Offers DoorDash Delivery in Missoula

Many of you have been asking about this, so we’re excited to announce that DoorDash Delivery is back at the Top Hat!

We’ve all been there – a long, exhausting day, the reluctance to go back out, or perhaps a busy day at the office. We get it. Sometimes you just don’t want to go out to eat. Luckily, your beloved Fish Tacos, Wisconsin Cheddar Burger and other Top Hat favorites are just a tap away with DoorDash delivery!

How to Order

Simply hop on the DoorDash app, browse our enticing menu, and with just a few clicks, you’ll have your Top Hat meal headed your way in no time.


DoorDash Deliver is available from 11:00am to 9:30pm, Sunday through Wednesday (subject to change). Prefer dining at the restaurant or grabbing take-out yourself? The Top Hat’s normal restaurant hours are 11:00am to 10:00pm everyday of the week.

For the latest updates, specials, and a glimpse behind the scenes, text TOPHAT to 877-876-5296 and follow us on Instagram.

Order now and enjoy your favorite Top Hat delights delivered right to your door!