Featured, 20 Grand

20 Grand is an 8 piece band that has been writing and playing songs in western Montana since 2009. That’s when guitarist and musical director Jamie Simpson recruited Vinnie Rannazzisi for drums/vocals/sound engineer and Rebecca Nelson on tenor saxophone/flute. Shortly after this, a horn section developed with Eric Gates on baritone saxophone and Nick Simko on trumpet. The band cycled through a couple bass players before Chris Arndt joined the band to fill out the rhythm section. In 2011, 20 Grand added two new members: Eric (E Rock) Kanter on vocals andToby Ferguson on percussion/vocal After a number or bass players, we have settled on Matt Seymour to round out the rhythm section. Most recently, Kendra Timm has joined us on vocals and saxophone. The new 20G v13.0 is pumping hard, waiting to see you at the next show.