In Walks Bud, Feat

In Walks Bud, first forming in 2007, met and began jamming in the small music scene of Helena ,MT. With the move to Bozeman in the summer of 2010, they released their 3rd album ‘Supertonic’ and continued playing more shows throughout Montana, Idaho, and Seattle. Having recently released their 4th album, ‘Take Time’ it is clear these guys have staying power that is proven by their moving, progressive and youthful energy. The sound captures the essence of youth, and can bring you to life through the amazing energy and feeling that that band shares with the audience. The music sustains high’s and low’s from both the lead/rhythm guitar played by Aaron Williams and the funky, grooving low bass played by Casey George. The melodic, fast passed uplifting keyboard tracks, produced by Clay Desimone, keep you feeling young, beautiful and wanting to dance your heart out. The rhapsodic beats of In Walks Bud are played by the soulful drummer Alex Schwab, guaranteed to be harmonious, lifting, and sweet sounding. But Don’t think this drummer only has a soft side, see the band live and you will experience the euphonious, funky and technical raw talent this drummer has. You’ll be on your feet before you know it, as well as having each song contain a different story that comes from In Walks Bud’s lives and experiences as a band. Being young only happens once and the six years of hard work these four individuals have done leads you to believe they will be around for a long time.