Looking to the Future: Last Best Conference in Missoula

In the footsteps of festivals like South by Southwest and World Domination Summit, MonTEC & Missoula Federal Credit Union will present its second annual Last Best Conference. Running from August 3rd to 4th 2017, the conference was inspired by start-up and business activity in Montana. 

The event will feature workshops, speakers, and community building activities; all designed to encourage and support startup activity in the community. Boosting entrepreneurial spirit, the conference is a great opportunity for free-thinkers of Missoula to learn, collaborate, and inspire growth. Full schedule can be found here

The Missoula-based conference hopes to create community, embody creativity, and cultivate courage. Instead of dwelling in the business realm, activities seek to incorporate the thriving arts scene in Missoula.

Events will run along-side River City Roots fest, seeking to combine business development with the “thinkers, dreamers, creators, and innovators,” in business from the Rocky Mountain Region. More information on the conference can be found here, where you can also subscribe for the 2017 conference announcements.

Tickets are on sale now and available online at logjampresents.com.