Dissecting the Dish: Missoula twist on Vietnamese Classic

Sous chef Craig Thomas revealed some inside information on his Vietnamese classic the Pho. Both gluten and dairy free, Thomas’ version of the dish doesn’t stray far from the traditional recipe.

The dish is a rice noodle soup, topped with pork loin and fresh veggies. Slow roasted with a secret house seasoning, the pork packs a freshness that is impossible without local sourcing. 

Thomas, a fan of Asian fusion, spent several years refining the recipe before he pitched it to head chef Billy Metzger. Contemplation time allowed for him to hone in on the perfect balance of lime, ginger and lemongrass flavors in the beef broth.

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The substantial serving is topped with fresh bok choy, cilantro, jalapenos and green onions. For fans of a little extra spice, the bowl comes with a serving of sriracha sauce.  Thomas recommends the soup be served with a fresh cocktail like Good Vibrations or Stair Way to Heaven due to their similar flavors. The dish also pairs well with lighter summer wine.

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