It Starts From Scratch: Top Hat Unveils New Fall Menu

As the leaves start to turn, so does another page of the Top Hat menu. Summer is over and it’s time to ring in the autumn season with a new and colorful array of dishes.

Still staying the same, is the Top Hat’s dedication to a made-from-scratch style kitchen. It’s fueled by fresh and locally sourced ingredients, whether that be grass-fed beef from the Mannix family ranch, bread baked down the street at Le Petit Outre or hand selected spices from Butterfly Herbs. The Top Hat takes pride in using quality ingredients to create unique entrees, many of which are the healthiest and most nutritious options you can find in Missoula.

Of the 16 new items, marquee additions include the Bloody Mary Steak & Potatoes, gluten free Salmon Niçoise Salad, dairy free Fra Diavolo Spicy Shrimp Pasta, vegan Thai Mushroom Wrap, vegan and gluten free Green Lentil Curry, and last but most sweet, the festive House-Made Granny Smith Apple Tart.

Billy Metzger, the Top Hat’s head chef, is thrilled about the new menu:

“I am very excited about the dishes on our new fall menu. Not only does the menu change give new choices to our patrons, but it changes what we do day-to-day in the kitchen, giving the staff a challenging and fresh outlook on the daily routine. The more the cooks enjoy cooking, the better the food quality is going to be. On this menu we focus on several healthy fall dishes, such as the Stuffed Collard Leaves, Salmon Nicoise Salad and Green Lentil Curry. We also added two new pastas featuring our house-made fettuccine and big bold flavors with entrees like our Bloody Mary Steak and Potatoes. I feel this menu has a lot of options and flavor profiles, so everyone can find a dish that fits there palate, diet or mood.”

Stop by soon to try something off the new menu and see for yourself why the Top Hat was voted by Missoulians as having the best food in the Garden City. The Top Hat kitchen is open 11:30am-10:00pm, Monday-Saturday.

Take a look at the delicious new fall menu here.