Going Green Guide for Mumford & Sons at Ogren Park 2019

As the Mumford & Sons concert quickly approaches, Logjam wants to make sure you know all the ways you can be a sustainable concertgoer at Ogren. This Going Green Guide should help with that!

GOING GREEN GUIDE – Mumford & Sons


• If you’re driving and parking at one of the free parking areas around town, we strongly suggest you carpool with as many people as you can. Check out the free parking areas here.

• Ride share with others via Uber/Lyft/Taxi and get dropped off at the dedicated area near the venue.

• Ogren Park is located in central Missoula, so it’s a very reasonable bike ride from many places around town. Bike racks will be located just outside the venue. Learn more about Missoula’s Bike & Trail System courtesy of Missoula in Motion.

• Tried and true — get some fresh air and walk directly to the venue with your fellow fans and friends.


• Bring an empty reusable bottle to fill with water once you’re inside the venue. Water fill stations are located near the stadium restroom facilities in the main concourse of the stadium (see map).

• If you don’t bring your own water bottle, rest assured that Logjam Aluminum Water Bottles will be available for purchase from the Top Hat bars.


• The Top Hat bar provides compostable cups and napkins so please dispose of them in the green compost bins.

• Cans, aluminum bottles, tickets, paper, and non-compostable plastic should go in the blue recycling bins.

• Items from non-Top Hat vendors may not be recyclable or compostable. Please dispose of them in the correct bins.

• Most importantly, please abide by the “Leave No Trace” principle. Before you leave the venue, please make sure to pick up all your waste and dispose of it in the proper place, whether that’s the compost, recycling, or landfill bin.