Past Lives: Alanya Returns to The Trail for New Radio Show

The Trail 103.3 is excited to announce a new summer series, Past Lives, hosted by Logjam Presents’ Assistant Talent Buyer and returning Trail DJ, Alanya. The show will take place every Saturday from 7-9pm and and will start on May 23rd. To clarify, Alanya is still working for Logjam. This is just a special show where Alanya will serve as a guest DJ.

From the early days of sneaking out of the house to go to concerts, to interviewing bands live on The Trail for nearly a decade, to now booking bands at Logjam Presents venues across Montana…Live music has always been an integral part of Alanya’s life. In a time where the live music scene as we know it is put on hold, she is digging into her archives to help us celebrate the moments on stage that are not to be forgotten. Legendary performances from around the globe, to shows recorded from stages right here in Missoula…For the summer of 2020, the concerts are coming to a living room near you!

Alanya recently announced the new show on The Trail Lunchbox and gave us a sneak preview of what Past Lives will be like. She played an archived recording of the Big Head Todd and The Monsters show from earlier this year at the Wilma.

Here’s what Alanya has to say about her return to radio:

I am excited to be returning to the Missoula airwaves to share and celebrate something that has always been a huge part of what makes my soul shine.. LIVE MUSIC! I can’t think of a better time to reminisce and celebrate the extraordinary moments that have happened because of music…It has a way of allowing us to heal, to reflect, to lose ourselves in a picturesque moment…and that, we need more now than ever.

So I invite you to spend a few hours with me each week during this summer, as we journey through the decades, around the world, and often end up right here back in Missoula listening to shows from our favorite venues. As we await for what the future holds, join me for Past Lives – on the Trail 103.3, every Saturday night from 7-9pm beginning May 23. Streaming worldwide at