Event Info: The Lil’ Smokies Wilma Cabaret (Sunday)

The Lil’ Smokies Wilma Cabaret
Sunday, October 11, 2020

Here is a little breakdown for the show:

5:30pm: Doors open to floor ticket holders (dinner guests)
6:15pm: Dinner served (floor ticket holders only)
6:30pm: Doors open for balcony seating
7:00pm: The Lil’ Smokies

To ensure the health and well-being of employees and guests, we have implemented new policies and procedures based on best practices in our industry and in compliance with State and County public health recommendations.

Check In

Balcony Ticket Holders:  Please make sure that you and all of your guests have checked in before arriving at the venue. Check in by submitting the form here.
Floor Ticket Holders: If your dinner order has been placed, then your check in process is complete. If you haven’t submitted your dinner order, please email us at [email protected].


Floor Ticket Holders enter through the main entrance along Higgins Ave. See door times above.
Balcony Ticket Holders enter separately through the balcony door on the Southside of the building facing Caras Park and the Clark Fork River.
• To follow social distancing guidelines, all guests must remain in their section throughout the duration of the event. (i.e. balcony ticket holders are not permitted access to the floor and floor ticket holders are not permitted access to the balcony)

Arrive with your entire group

• All groups must arrive together with the original ticket purchaser.
• Please do not check in until your entire group is on-site and ready for entry.
• Please note the Wilma is a no re-entry venue.

All beverage service will be managed by servers

• For your convenience, and to prevent mingling in common areas, all beverage service will be managed by servers.
• All orders should be placed with your server at your table or seat.
• No direct orders from the bar will be permitted.

Single direction pathways

• Single direction pathways will be marked throughout the room.
• Please be mindful and follow social distancing guidelines while moving from your seat to the restroom, and while entering/exiting the venue.
• Mingling in the bar and common areas will not be permitted.

Face coverings required

• Per Montana state mandate, all patrons will be required to wear face coverings as they enter/exit and move around the room.
• Patrons may remove face coverings when seated.

Safety Measures

• In order to safely bring live events back to Montana, everyone must do their part.
• Guests and staff will need to take additional precautions so that we may all come together and enjoy live events again.
• A detailed list of safety measures can be found here.


• The safety and well being of our guests, staff and community is our top priority.
• If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]

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