Elmer’s Glue Partners with ELM for Stickiest Event in the World

We’re ecstatic to announce Elmer’s Glue as the official adhesive of The ELM! To celebrate, prepare yourselves for the stickiest event in the world as we bring you an experience that will be unlike any other.

Elmer’s Glue, a staple of American crafts and office supplies, has joined forces with The ELM, Bozeman’s premier entertainment venue, to create an interactive extravaganza that’s out of this world. 

Here’s what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind, interactive experience, which is free and open to the public. 

Upon entry, every attendee will receive a FREE bottle of special ELMers Glue, made from real elm sap providing an ultimate bonding experience, not to mention an extra earthy and delightful aroma.

Attendees will also receive real Elm Tree Stick Bundles sustainably harvested from Mr. Foolz Tree Farm over in Belgrade. He will be at the event so please make sure to thank him for his generous contributions.

Now, you might be wondering, “What exactly will we be doing with these sticks and glue?” Well, let your imagination run wild because the possibilities are endless! You’ll be encouraged to create your own decorations and mobiles that will be hung around the venue for all to see for years to come.

Imagine your grandchildren going to a concert in 20 years, looking up and seeing your sticky creation. What a proud and special moment!

Of course, what would an event at The ELM be without some musical entertainment? Drumroll please… 

The one and only John Mayor will be playing a solo acoustic set on stage while you craft away! And he won’t be playing any old guitar. He’ll be using a limited edition elm wood guitar, carefully constructed with ELMers glue by the fine people at Gibson’s premier acoustic craftory in Bozeman. Thanks Gibson!!

There’s no doubt about it, the gravity of this event is something truly epic and we cannot wait to see you all.

We’re sure you’ve been glued to your seat reading about this. Understandably so.

Obviously though, this is far too good to be true. John Mayor will not be performing. Elmers Glue is not our official adhesive… yet. We won’t have ELM stick bundles. Mr. Foolz Tree Farm doesn’t exist (as far as we know). Gibson didn’t make an elm guitar, at least not for us. There is no event. 

And this is all a bunch of rubbish. After all, it is APRIL FOOLS!

Yes folks… just to be clear. This was all a JOKE. Much like the trout aquarium, Smuckers Logjam, and the TOT Hat.

What’s not a joke is we have some seriously awesome shows ahead of us! Check out the lineup and we’ll see you soon!