Lindsay Lou Announces Concert in Bozeman

Americana singer-songwriter Lindsay Lou will perform at the Rialto in Bozeman on Saturday, September 21, 2024.

The Michigan native and Nashville-based songstress is fresh off the release of her latest album Queen of Time. The 11-track album features prominent bluegrass artists like Billy Strings and Jerry Douglas while exploring atmospheric folk and psychedelic stylings. Check out these top songs from the album: “Nothing’s Working,” “Nothing Else Matters,” and the title track.

Lindsay Lou played at The ELM in 2023 when she took the stage with the Kitchen Dwellers for two unforgettable nights. While they were there, they filmed several collaborations with each other which you can watch here.

We’re looking forward to having her at the Rialto for her own headlining performance! Get your tickets soon and we’ll see you there!


PUBLIC ON SALE: Tickets go on sale Friday, May 17, 2024 at 10:00AM and will be available to purchase in person at Logjam Presents Box Offices and online while supplies last. All tickets are general admission standing room only. All ages are welcome.

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About Lindsay Lou

“Guided by life experiences, Lindsay Lou’s sound and songwriting continues to evolve and intertwine her sturdy Bluegrass roots with progressive Americana and Folk.” – PBS

“I saw a literal manifestation of the sacred feminine, and had this profound sense that I was meant to embody it,” recalls celebrated singer-songwriter Lindsay Lou after journeying through a hallucinogenic ritual that would inform the way she processed waves of grief in the sea of change ahead of her. The loss of her grandmother, the end of her marriage, and the overwhelming turmoil of COVID lockdowns found the Nashville-based artist on a spiritual journey of self-knowledge and healing with this gift from the mystic swirl. On her new album Queen of Time (due September 29th from Kill Rock Stars), Lou explores that quest across ten tracks of tender, heartbreakingly beautiful music.

With this new vision of womanhood in mind, Lou began to see a throughline from her grandmother, to herself, to the art she was creating. Her 2018 release, Southland (recorded with her former band, The Flatbellys), felt like the first chapter to a greater story that was unfolding; with this release, the theme deepened. “It started with my grandma. She was the unattainable woman in a way,” Lou explains. “She had 12 kids and ran homeless shelters and was always taking people in. She felt that her calling was to be a mother to everyone – this communal caregiver – but it also meant that in belonging to everyone, she also belonged to no one. I realized that this is the catch-22 of anyone who is a woman unto herself. Women, first and foremost, belong to themselves, so nobody can really have them; but, there’s also this element of self-sacrificing and giving to the idea of the feminine.” Continue reading…