Supplemental Income Fund

As many of you know, the Logjam Presents venues  have been ordered closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. These closures have essentially eliminated all shifts for almost 200 hourly Logjam employees.

To combat this hardship, Logjam has established a “Supplemental Income Fund” to support our committed crew. The goal of the fund will be to provide financial assistance to those staff members in need. Robin and I have committed an initial $100,000 to establish this fund.

For those concert customers who would like to support this effort, please consider donating any outstanding purchased ticket of a cancelled or postponed show back to Logjam. Logjam will in-turn contribute 100 percent of the proceeds to support our hourly staff. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated. In addition to the above, we have established a GoFundMe campaign. We appreciate many others are facing difficult times, but if you are in a financial position and feel compelled to support, 100 percent of the net earnings of all contributions will go directly to staff in need.


If you would like to contribute a purchased ticket to a canceled or postponed show, please contact the Logjam box office by calling (406) 830-4640 or emailing Please know, this is not a requirement. If you are seeking a refund for a canceled or postponed show, that can still be processed at the Box Office.

– Nick and Robin Checota, owners of Logjam Presents and the Top Hat

If you’re looking for another great way to support Logjam’s employees, you can always purchase a Logjam Presents Gift Card. This is an excellent way to support us now when we’re most in need, while also guaranteeing your money goes toward future fun like concerts! Learn more here.