Latest Leak: Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit Release “White Man’s World”

Expected on June 16th, Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit continue to leak singles and more content previews for new album; The Nashville Sound. The latest single, “White Man’s World,” was “written shortly after the 2016 presidential election” and embodies a certain state of frustration as well as confusion (more info).

Known for gripping and poetic lyrics, Isbell sings ““I’m a white man living in a white man’s nation / Think the man upstairs must’ve took a vacation / I still have faith, but I don’t know why / Maybe it’s the fire in my little girl’s eyes.” This searing political commentary will be sure to resonate with parents wishing for the best future for their kids. 

More info on The Nashville Sound >>

On releasing politically charged material, Isbell muses that he “was motivated by the image I have of my audience…It’s an interesting group of people, because it’s people who listen to a lot of different types of music…for the most part, they’re people who are pretty open-minded. There is an opportunity there, however small it might be, to get people to think things in a little bit of a different way”

For a better idea of the themes and topics on The Nashville Sound, take a look at the interview Steven Hyden of UpRoxx released with Isbell. More information on the groups Wilma show, Sept 9th, can be found here. Tickets are on sale now at The Top Hat Box Office, online and by calling (877) 987-6487

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