Watch Armchair Boogie Spoof Howard Dean’s Infamous Scream Speech

Madison, WI-based newgrass band Armchair Boogie decided to get in the election year spirit with a comical throwback to Howard Dean’s memorable 2004 speech.

The band created a “rally” video promoting all the dates on their upcoming tour, and they did it in a particularly “Dean Scream” sort of way. The video features bassist Eli Frieders at the podium giving a heartfelt shoutout to all the cities on the tour. In addition to the green screen audience, “supporters” feature fellow bandmates Augie Dougherty (banjo/harmonica), Ben Majeska (guitar), and Denzel Connor (drums).

If you don’t remember, the original speech featured Howard Dean, former Democratic Nominee & Vermont Governor, rallying supporters after his third place finish in the Iowa Democratic caucuses. You can watch both the original clip and 2020 Armchair Boogie reboot below.


Don’t forget to watch Armchair Boogie perform their funky take on bluegrass when they play in Missoula on April 3rd and Bozeman on April 4th.

P.S. Music and funny videos aside, we’re in the midst of a big election year. Make sure you’re registered to vote and look for Forward Montana Foundation’s voter registration boxes at upcoming shows at the Wilma and Rialto. #AmplifyMontana